Woot! this entire post is about games!

The Unsane mod is in progress, which is good.

Recently, I have decided to replay Myst. This game has the graphics that are almost as good as todays first person shooters, except it was made back in 1993. Although it is only point and click, that is so much further advanced than any other game back then. It has a great storyline as well.

I am currently playing the first Myst, which is cool. It has time travel in it as well.

That’s all for now BYE!

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I recently submitted a collection of poems to my English teacher for marking. I had about ten pages of stuff, while everyone else had about 3, but when we got our marks back, I only received a 18/20 because “…An illustrated anthology would have made it perfect.” WT?! This is top class English, not picture books for Grade ones! Anyway, the anthology can be found here.

Moving on, I have been listening to a great new band, machinae supremacy. Their website is machinaesupremacy.com, They are awesome! WOOT!

The source mod unsane is officially a mod for half life 2, but you have quite a while to go spend $20 on it. We are currently in the story creation mode, so it will be a while before it actually comes out. I’ll give you a clue though, it will involve giving you the ability to pick up and throw an object..