portal stuff

November 22, 2008

Ok, I will be creating some stuff from portal.

First this

then this

then this

And finally this

I also got mirror’s edge. Here is a comparison between the 2:

Mirror’s edge                                                                                 Portal

character female                                                                            character female

Living opponents                                                                           robot opponenets

gravity based                                                                                 gravity based

rated m                                                                                           rated m

character speaks                                                                            character mute

Someone speaking to them over the intercom                               ”                             ”

parkour                                                                                            portals

falls hurt                                                                                           falls don’t hurt


I am not updating sphericalcubes.info because of several issues with googles’ page maker.

I have recently got a computer from my neighbour, but I took the ram out and putt it back in. The on button now just flashes yellow.

Anyway, One of my friends was selling some fudge for $1, and I bought some. then a couple of days later, he was selling different fudge this time. It was a lot worse though.

Also, today we had a test in language to test our ability, and me and my friend finished early, so we had a talk on a piece of paper. It went like this:

This is a message, please reply


you are a parodox

like the pie

the cake is a pie

like the pie

yes, I do like pie, but cake is better

unlike th pie, cake is flawed

but the cake is a pie

liar liar liar liar liar

Blasphemer Blasphemer Blasphemer Blasphemer Blasphemer

to the fight, attack!


make war!!!!! not peace

the christian won

****’s girlfriend is blind

Like you.

And then it was lunch.