February 2, 2009

It’s funny.

What is?

No idea.

I really need to update my blog more often, but I haven’t been doing that because I’ve been lazy and I just started school again. yay.

anyways, I will upload some artworks I have done to soon if you want to check them out.

There is aproximately 30MB of images, which is a lot, so I will be putting them in a zip file. I will post here when I upload them.


portal stuff

November 22, 2008

Ok, I will be creating some stuff from portal.

First this

then this

then this

And finally this

I also got mirror’s edge. Here is a comparison between the 2:

Mirror’s edge                                                                                 Portal

character female                                                                            character female

Living opponents                                                                           robot opponenets

gravity based                                                                                 gravity based

rated m                                                                                           rated m

character speaks                                                                            character mute

Someone speaking to them over the intercom                               ”                             ”

parkour                                                                                            portals

falls hurt                                                                                           falls don’t hurt