I recently submitted a collection of poems to my English teacher for marking. I had about ten pages of stuff, while everyone else had about 3, but when we got our marks back, I only received a 18/20 because “…An illustrated anthology would have made it perfect.” WT?! This is top class English, not picture books for Grade ones! Anyway, the anthology can be found here.

Moving on, I have been listening to a great new band, machinae supremacy. Their website is machinaesupremacy.com, They are awesome! WOOT!

The source mod unsane is officially a mod for half life 2, but you have quite a while to go spend $20 on it. We are currently in the story creation mode, so it will be a while before it actually comes out. I’ll give you a clue though, it will involve giving you the ability to pick up and throw an object..