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April 14, 2009

I am about to put some of my music up on the internet (and some of other people in Walrus soup as well).

I am starting a group of 5 people to make music, and release it for free on the internet. “Why free, you could get alot of money with music.” you say? well, I will use some arguments from the Hanster alliance who has a post about this here.

1.Music should be free Why? Because it is an art. But doesn’t that mean that the artist deserves to be paid for their art? No, art galleries are free to get into arn’t they? The radio is free (sort of), so you are paying to listen to something you could hear for free. That’s not very fair, is it.

2.We don’t need money from music. None of us have jobs, and soon we will have jobs, but we could get more money from something else, with all these illegal downloads going on.

3.We won’t get any illegal downloads costing us money. All artists have had their money stolen by people illegally downloading their album for free. But if the album is already free, and downloadable off the internet, then they won’t have to upload files and hope they don’t get arrested by the police.

Also, the flaming watermelons competition is going to start in 15 days! I have to think of a prize very quickly….


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