50 A380s

September 21, 2008

Yesterday(20th of September 2008) it was my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary! yay! First I had to get up early in the morning, then sit in a car for 3 hours, but it was fun otherwise. I talked to my uncle about video games, met some cousins and got free cake! Anyway, I was messing around with an ockey strap by hooking myself onto trees and things, but then I didn’t fasten it correctly and it whipped me right in the back. That was painful. Also just before I left, I attempted to go to the toilet, but there was an entire coach of people stopping for five minutes, so I had to wait for them all to get off before I had anyhope of doing that.

This morning, I went to see the first QANTAS A380 arrive at hanger 96. the only reason why I could see that was that there was a competition going on between the people that work for QANTAS and my father won it, so we got to go see this marvelous plane arrive. We also got free food. The host for this arrival happened to be Adam Spencer, so it turned into a slightly less serious event because of that, but it still looked good from the outside.

I have still been listening to machinae supremacy, but I like any band that incoperates the sid chip in it

I’ll stop talking now.


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